Starting clozapine soon

I was on it for a couple weeks but thought i didnt need it so i stopped. Anyway i had four side effects. The ones i remember are bed wetting, and need for reading glasses. I dont mind needing to wear glasses but do any of you knownif there are anti side effect pills for the bed wetting? It happened almost every night, quite annoying to deal with.

Also whats the deal with clozapine and negative symptoms? The professionals tell me it doesnt help with that and can cause sedation but on lots of popular sites about sz it says clozapine and abilify are different in this way. Personal experiences?


More sedating in small dosages than olanzapine for me. My pdoc was somewhat surprised by that, dunno. And occasional bad wetting.
Haven’t been using it for long enough to see any improvement with negatives.

I am on 300mg in the morning and at night for a total of 600mg. My mood is better and voices significantly reduced but not fully at least yet.

Side effects for me include sleepiness, irritability when it comes to taliking within an hour or so of taking my med, constipation, excessive night time drooling.

Also if you miss a dose I don’t recommend doubling the dose. For me this causes me to feel like I was dying for an hour or two. I took 600mg clozapine… big mistake.

Thanks for sharing about the bed wetting. Now I know I can never go on Clozaril. I occasionally, but rarely anymore, wet the bed without Clozaril.

There is a pill to stop bedwetting I forgot the name and am not at home. But since being on it I haven’t bedwetted it also stopped most
Of the drooling.