Started having tactile hallucinations

I have started having tactile hallucinations on my leg. It feels like something is brushing up against it, but when I look, even though I can still feel something there, I see nothing. This started shortly after switching my Geodon from one pill in the morning and one at night to just two at night. Obviously, I will bring it up to my doc on my next visit, but I wanted other opinions while I wait for my appointment. Is it sz-related, med-related, or nervous system-related? I have never had tactile hallucinations before.

I feel like it could be a combination of meds and nervous system.
but im pretty sure all senses are affected by sz. tactile and taste I think are pretty rare though.
ive had tactile hallucinations before. i just always chalked it up to ghosts.
if you think that is a possibility, burn some sage, brush it into the corners and have a window
open for the spirit/energy to get out. personally I would do that first as a money-saver :smile:

Had always thought they were sz related. I get them at night mostly. Some during the day though. I tend to find them more stressed/tired related than other of my symptoms, but that might be just me. Hopefully the pdoc can help. If you’re struggling with it before you can contact your pdoc just head to the ER.

I have tactiles. Someone is poking me. But I know it so I don’t care. Little wierd is that when someone actually pokes me I pretend like nothing. People have to talk to my face for me to interact.

I do have tactile and depending on the state of mind… they can get sort of overwhelming.

Some are nice though…

I’ve been thinking it was a combo of this illness and a cross wired nervous system and head.

They may be cramps. Simple stretches may relieve them after a bit of an odd sensation, almost like electroshock therapy induced by a mixture of chemicals causing a form of electrolysis within the blood. It is not the worst thing, if you continue having these problems, it is recommended that you consult your doctor so that they may document your discomfort. Good luck.