Star Trek or Star Wars

Which is better?
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars

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I’ve been watching star trek next generation on pluto tv, but I prefer star wars.

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Star Trek is similar to game of thrones for me. As in I just can’t get into them.

Is it the new start trek ; discovery. You should know channel 2 has it now

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I used to be a huge star wars fan but the prequels and Disney’s sequels left a bad taste.

So I voted star trek in protest.

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I prefer Star Trek because the dialogue is actually decent. The only two examples of passable dialogue in the entire SW franchise are Rogue One and The Mandalorian. The rest is utter rubbish. I liked watching the original movies when I was a kid. The three prequels were trash, and they’ve barely improved since. Props to Favreau for actually doing something positive with The Mandalorian.

As to ST… The TOS was all that. TNG pretty good. DS9 exceeded expectations. VOY was meh for me and ENT stopped being good after the first season. I’m liking DSC, but find Burnham a bit of a struggle to love. Anthony Rapp is the show’s standout star for me. For the TOS movies, the even-numbered ones were the best. ST5 is best forgotten. Not sure how I feel about the rebooted movies since ST09. They went downhill fast. ST09 was darned fine, there’s not a SW film that can hold a candle to it other than in effects.



I watched neither. :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Revenge of the sith is my fave star wars film. Ian mcdiarmids acting is so sinister and manipulative

I always return to re-watch Star Wars saga once or twice a year. Maybe I should look into Star Trek story from it’s inception as well. I’d love to get a full picture of what’s happening in Star Trek universe.

Although I voted for a Star Wars as my favorite, however I did enjoyed Star Trek movies, at least couple latest one’s that I saw.

They are both insufferable. But if I was going to be tortured and made to watch something I’d take Star Trek deep space nine.

I like the star wars world and star trek world. On you tube is a little movie where both worlds collide. Its interesting.

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