Stalked by tailgaters

Ever go on the road at night and have a tailgater flashing their lights. No matter where you go, it feels like they are purposely following you.

The lights are so bright and I wonder if my time has come or if I should hit the gas. The whole time I spend observing the tailgater as I drive.

I’ve had this happen almost every time I drive. They may not even be tailgating, but they are following me. Only if I can’t see their face. Some voices explain how they are going to kill me when they catch up with me.

It is scary. How to get over this?

I would get this a lot when I was having intense paranoia. What worked best for me was to turn off the road I was on - usually after a turn or two, they were gone. I wouldn’t go to my home while they were still behind me; I was too worried about what they’d do.

If I wasn’t able to shake them - never happened, by the way - my plan was to drive either to a police station or an ER and go inside. I never had to do that, because as it turns out, no one was ever following me, but I felt better having a plan.


Rhubii, you look different :smiley:
I do the same thing with the car. I just wish I could eliminate the paranoia it is tiring.

Time to put the winter clothes away! :kissing_cat:

I don’t know how to shake the paranoia. Mine left when I moved from my old apartment to my new house. I still get flashes of it when I notice a car has been behind me for a few turns, but nothing as bad as it used to be. My old place stressed me out a lot.

Maybe it will be better when you’re up at school?

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I’m hoping so. I get worried that things will get worse with such a change. I really am trying to find campus groups and such I can join so I don’t feel to isolated. I am keeping my head up and going to finish off this year strong. No seniorittis for me!

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I have similar issue just recently though and only when my kid is in the car…its gotten to where i dont drive much anymore. If im riding it doesnt come up idk…

I had that happen before and one time they really were following me…

That time I left Walmart and this guy pulled out behind me, he followed me all the way home, I got out of my car with my hunting knife in hand and he comes ut and says “Dude, you forgot your medicine in the cart…” and passes me my script bag…really nice of him since it was a 90 day supply of OxyContin…he looked like the sort who would have sold it or used it too, track marks on the arms, tattoos and that look people get in their eyes when they are trying to go cold turkey from hard core drugs…

and thus I met my older half brother, before I even knew I had one!


Today I was going to the store and a car was following me and even into the parking lot and then slowed down. I waited to see what they would do but they turned back out. Coincidence or stalking harassment. I don’t know.

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I distract myself a lot when out in public. I talk to myself, out loud or internally, whichever seems more appropriate. I come up with topics that I know a bit about and give little lectures on them. I daydream as I bumble along. I play music in my mind and focus on getting the lyrics right. If I focus on the people out in public around me, I will get freaked out.

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Sometimes the driver just hits a bump and the lights angle changes and they look like they flash… they are typically angled slightly downward… but the bump makes them angle higher momentarily. It seems to get brighter but it was just a bump… they aren’t stalking you.

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I tend to walk around like someone who wants no trouble. I avoid conversations often but will speak with certain people.

I guess. It just feels like they are trying to say something. It is scary but I guess okay. WHen I was younger my mother was stalked by this one creepy guy who she had to loose in a fire station.

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