Going In for SSDI appeal interview on Wednesday

I am very nervous. I hope that things go well. I really don’t have any idea of what to expect my lawyer is going to prep me the day before so that I will be able to well. My nerves have gotten so bad that I am experiencing diarreha and nightmares. I shake like a leaf. Haven’t had to rely on my klonopin so much in my life.

Any last minute advise that might help me? My doctor said that he feels I have a good chance to get it. I am always a pessimist. But I really do believe that God takes care of me and somehow someway I always end up in a good place. It’s just so hard to put my faith into practice this week. I could certainly use some prayers.

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Good luck, I don’t have any words of wisdom as I am just going through the process too. Thinking of you.

When I applied for SSD I made it sound like my worst day happened every day which at the time was almost accurate. Just describe how the sz affects your functioning. Like for me I had a hard time leaving the house, was delusional, and had a hard time having conversations. Just describe your symptoms and go over any hospitalizations you’ve had. Good luck. :sunny:

SunGirl has it right. My psychiatrist told me to describe my worst day to SS. Because those are the symptoms that you’re dealing with that are disabling.

I also waited 2 years to apply–and had 2 years worth of medical records. That showed that my condition wasn’t going away anytime soon.

I think the thing that helped the most was having my psych write a letter certifying my disability and daily functional limitations. It was very detailed about how I needed assistance with activities of daily living.

The best advice I can give you is to be VERY thorough with SS.



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i do so hope the very best for you…make sure you get s list of everything that is wrong with you—blood pressure,cholesterol…eye site,any physical problems along with all the psych problems that you are enduring…
you can only do what you can do…