Spring can be hard for the sufferer

I know it’s hard for me

soft, sensitive, fuzzy.

I think May is national suicide prevention month, not sure though.

It’s a beautiful day in Iowa today, sure wish I could go for a walk.

I’m getting stir crazy.


I need serotonin now, but exercise isint giving it me enough and ADs will take time. Don’t even have money right now for sad lamp.

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can join this pity party , i meet you and rase you a glass of doubt , most of us just can’t readapt to the weather do to are meds.

not sure what you mean by that statement “pity party”

I’ll get thru it.

There’s often a seasonal component to mood disorders like bipolar disorder or depression. I am sza bipolar type so i deal with that and spring is usually a time of depression for me. I tend to feel better in autumn. I don’t know why. I think that’s kind of backwards from the typical situation.

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Definitely depressing. It’s been non stop rain where I live, I can’t take my daily walks :pensive:

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I have been hour walk all week tomorrow Sunday is day of rest


Nice! I hope im blessed with good weather soon. Walking is my exercise. All ive been doing is stuffing my face with ice cream lol.

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Walking is a blessing it really helps my mental health


September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S.



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