Spoiled terrorists

People who think the greatest thrill is being scared ( like the love of horror movies ) are spoiled and dependent because their minds are shot for good work. If I can get them (us) interested in a better reward system for effort. Something to challenge the thrill of fear.

You could be a firefighter. Get the crud scared out of you in burning buildings and save people at the same time.

There’s is that type of person who is attracted to danger. It’s who I’m talking about. I’ve known some. They are a double edged sword.

True. I heard of a group of about 5 guys 20-30 years old who were attracted to danger, became firefighters, and got too far into a forest fire (they volunteered for that edge of the fire knowing how dangerous it was) and left widows and young children.
But I think that if you are satisfied with burning buildings, I don’t hear of those guys dying much. Better than base jumping I think.
But yeah, I wouldn’t want to even be friends with someone like that. They want you to go too because they seem to think everyone likes it. I don’t want to parachute. I don’t think it’s thrilling. It just seems stupid and scary.