Spending too much time alone

I’ve always been guilty of this, even back when it was two of us spending too much time alone. I feel like having spent so much time alone throughout my life, and I was like this a s a child, loved spending time to myself though I always had a t least one or two friends but what a breath of fresh air I remember it being when they finally went home.

What I’m getting at is I guess I feel like it’s made me different, and obviously people who spend a lot of time alone are going to be different. But I guess it’s like a shock and if prolonged a stifling one, if I have to spend a lot of time among others. Aside from the unrelated reasons that have made me a recluse, I guess when you’re alone you do you’re own thing, like what you feel like liking, do what you feel like doing. Whereas I feel like most others let these things be influenced by those constantly around them.

I guess that was what I was getting at. Whether it’s a bad thing, no I don’t think so, but it can make it difficult to relate to others. Hell, I feel like I care what other’s think probably more than most people and yet I prefer to do my own thing, which in my youth was done among others, and which I was blamed for leading them to believe you actually could do you’re own thing in this world, hell if I knew I was despite my advantage of life experience, just was naive as they were if not more…defenitaly more in some ways.

I don’t know…I wish I could come to terms with the fact that I am a non-conformist but care far too much what others think…I fear now more than ever to stray too far or stick out…I don’t wish to stick out.

I don’t know. What ever.

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I think I understand what you’re saying and I agree. I have the same concern. For me, spending plenty of time alone is really fantastic - especially when I spend the time well and wisely. Finding internal fulfillment (which usually comes from spending time alone) makes it possible for me to interact with others a whole lot better. I’m grateful to have my own life, and that enables me to let others be who they are without trying to force my own perspectives on them.

I tend to err on the side of too much solitude. So I sometimes have to ‘help’ myself get out and about. And if that means that if I will be interacting with others, I do it from a fulfilled perspective.

favorite time to get out and volunteer or work is mornings, cuz everyone is like “Good morning,” and everyone including you is starting your day. Don’t sleep in. Experience this.

I respect your choice to be alone, but im very different.
I work my days in solitude and come home to being a single mother to an 11 year old daughter. I have no friends and talk to no one, but my heart aches for companionship. I’d love to talk to someone, but I talk to the dog and that’s it.
It’s interesting to see where others are. This is where I am.

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You sound a lot like my sister actually.