Spending all the Christmas money on errands

I am due to receive $400 dollars in Christmas money this holiday but all of it is going to things we desperately need…we need a battery for Angie’s car and she needs an exam so she can get her new contacts…will probably eat up all the money but at least we will be ahead in the end…


Yeah always something comes up here, never any extra cash for treats

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Look for a “blemish” unit or a revived battery if you can locally. I put one of these into my 88 Fiero for $20:

Didn’t feel like dropping $90 for the same new at Walmart.

You can get remanufactured batteries for about $40 but you have to have a commercial account and find an outlet.

Know anyone who owns a car lot? Or just throw out a name of a well known one. They are as good as new and much cheaper.

New batteries run over $100 these days.

Really? Here up north there are all kinds of folks selling blemished and refurbed batteries on the cheap. No commercial account needed.

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