Speech problems

A lot of times I struggle to find words, either in portuguese or english. I just stutter and need a minute to think about it, sometimes it comes to me sometimes it doesn’t and I invent a word or something.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to reply to questions because of this. I wonder if it’s going to make my life difficult in the future with classes and such.

I used to be so good with words!!

Any one else with this issue?


Is it just with certain people or in general?

I have it. I think it is just from being 74. My memory is failing me.

It’s in general… Or I mix up words and need to rearrange them again when writting.

I don’t know if it’s from age, I’m 29

I do this. I’m not sure if it’s from the disease or the brain damage. Most people are pretty understanding about it, by jerks exist everywhere. It’s part of the reason I prefer writing and texting.

Has it improved since you gave up benzos? Benzos cause concentration and especially memory problems.

Me too! I can’t speak or write fluently in English or Malay. That’s why most of the times I can’t tell stories just like everyone does. I have issues even when using the first language. Believe it or not, I have objects that I don’t know how to name it in any of the three languages.

I can imagine even if I pass the English assessment with flying colors, the language is still not touching my heart, unless I have lived in any of the native English speaking countries since young.

Minnii, for the most of the time, I can relate to yours probably because of your childhood background and multi-lingual abilities.

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Not really, it’s been like this since I’m on meds. At first I blamed the meds, but now I think it’s cognitive decline from the psychotic break.

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I dont know Minnii, for me I have a lot to say and usually people dont have that much time to listen to me completely…so its hard for me frame what I have to say in limited sentences so that other folks would not have their time wasted.

ok did this sentence make sense? :frowning:

I think it is more of because of their shorter attention span. I am still struggling with this too.

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Just dont let it discourage you…maybe rehearse for school or have someone proof read your papers just to make sure your ideas are presented how they should be…i found singing complex song lyrics helped me focus before presentations at work…i guess its like mental warm ups…just be patient with yourself…

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That’s a great idea, thank you!

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Lately Ive started the Silent treatment - to not antagonize the other folks…I just keep silent when I really dont have to speak…Otherwise I use the 2-3 word treatment…I utter 2-3 words to kind of let them get the idea of what I mean to say…especially while replying.

Is this due to positive symptoms…cuz…
i have same problem ???:alien:

It must be difficult for you. Keep practising and hopefully you will find the best way to communicate. (Each of us have troubles at times and are imperfect especially we are mentally ill)

It’s difficult to know actually. When I was off meds for 2 years, I was able to read books. Then back on meds and I can’t. BUT there was a psychotic break that got me back on meds.

Yeah me too…I am voracious in reading…completed DAS CAPITAL in a week while others take atleast a month…So i can say that my reading ability is still there.

Yeah I can read well. It’s just the speech that troubles me. But like @flameoftherhine said, there’s something I can do to overcome this. I love to sing and I sing well, so it can help me.

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i dont know if its relevant…but listening to Classical Music gets me steady and also sometimes helps me with my speech