Do you have trouble speaking?

I speak, but I get stuck on words a lot. I get stuck and it slows down my speech, and sometimes I can’t think of the right word. Sometimes I can talk smooth but I always seem to get hung up, like my mind blanks out.

Do you think it gets better with time?


Yeah. Don’t sweat it. If it’s something that you just got from the onset of the illness that will even itself out.

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yeah, i have major issues with this. the worst thing i do is i’ll be speaking and then attempt to say a longer word but only like the first and last parts of the word come out
i stumble on my words quite a bit too. and my mind goes blank


It depends. If you are “disconnecting,” it likely won’t get better with time, because negative symptoms tend to be constant. Meds can help concentration, though.

I find (without realizing) I may actually be “disconnecting” from consciousness or reality while speaking verbally in an interview. If it’s like this, it’s like a dopamine chemical imbalance.

After a medical/psychiatric appointment, I realize what happened to lead to certain diagnosis. Pretty interesting, actually, what mental health professionals look for when diagnosing, because it is not common knowledge (you may not even find searching the Internet). May be designed like this in case someone tries to “fake” a mental illness.

I have severe alogia, I know exactly how you feel and much more.


Yes I lose my words too. Or get them scrambled, allmixed up. I’m much better in textual forms. Writing or textingis easier to see what I just said so it helps reframe my thoughts so I can remember what I wanted to say.


I can relate to that. I can write tons better than I can verbally speak. You visually can see, you know, and can connect thoughts/statements much better. I reckon there are other schizophrenics that are like this.


I think I might “disconnect” sometimes too maybe if something is going on that i experience but that can’t be seen etc n others might say they don’t know what talking about…

I can not hold intellectual conversations in person not normal conversations much either unless it’s simple about an activity taking place or so.
Can’t talk politics etc either.
Can’t remember much education of what I learnt can but can’t in person cause I feel like my energy n spirit may not be in my body.
Others use my eyes n etc

I’m really outgoing n social n even done comedy but none of that comes out in my body n person .
It just doesn’t come out.
Instead I’m like wierd, pretty quiet, or just can’t keep up with debates in the flesh if I’m not “at home”…

I think I talk understandably though.
I’m not unclear or so …

I don’t talk to people much but say hello n sometimes ask how are you although some people don’t want this question n think it’s none of ya business …

So yeah I do have trouble speaking yet in reality in a way I don’t …
I dong but I do…

I can get by anyway .

There’s sign language which I can love n sein :blush::heart_eyes:
But that could be misused by some.

We can write here anyway …
That’s not bad being able to write hey.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had a double whammy with years of counselling my social skills really improved. Was trying CBT later on and my tdoc called me up that I felt everything I had to say was useless, pointless worthless. Certainly a huge growth experience.

dysphasia is the word for that, I think. it could be caused by confused thinking. just a guess.

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I kinda come and go with this, even had days the word is in my head but I can’t say it and have to come up with something else

Since I went I’ll I noticed I copied everyone; what they say I said is this normal

Yes I definitely have trouble with this-sometimes my mind goes blank during conversations and I have no idea what to say. I thought it was social anxiety but I have trouble thinking straight while Im alone too so I guess its part of my negative symptoms. It can be embarassing-sometimes I just stay quiet around people I dont know too well rather than risk freezing up in the middle of a sentence

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