Speech issues

I am pretty sure I have some kind of schizophrenic induced speech impediment of some kind. I can’t ever make conversations flow with anyone. Not even my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years haha. I can write quite well but when it comes to verbal communication I can only seem to blurt out a sentence at a time max. Like a handful of words at a time. I can’t concentrate enough to have a long outflow of coherent words. Also, when I know I am on my way to ask someone something (it could be anyone, like a cashier at a shop for example) I have to rehearse what I am going to say so that it comes out clearly. Otherwise I just dribble random nonsensical stuff and stutter in a way.
Anyone know of a ways to improve their conversation skills? Obviously aside from just talking to people more regularly. Since I already have a few people I talk to regularly.

I have similar thing, i cant form complex sentences in my mind, or i have it in my mind, but cannot express it in words, like something is blocking

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I sometimes have a hard time forming words verbally, and can’t seem to express myself like I should.
I kind of blame the powerful psychotropic medications I’m on for this, as I don’t have schizophrenia.

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