Communication problems

I think are the root problem with recovery because even if the hallucinations are at a minimum with no medication I have the problem of not knowing how to effectively communicate. I am always off a beat and people tend to interpret that negatively. Almost like autism but not. people are hostile by my lack of keeping up with communications skills. I get lost in a fog and they are insulted thinking I am being rude. So should I just tell everyone i meet i have this disability? I am still very self stigmatized. Scared to admit it. Really the label schizophrenia isn’t going to help in this case. They should change the name of schizophrenia to something else to educate people about it without the crazy stigma.
thanks for reading this

It won’t help telling them. I used to think it would, but I know now that no one without schizophrenia can understand us with it. I long since gave up the hope of anyone ever understanding my predicament and I’ve been a lot happier for it. If people don’t like me, well then tough ■■■■.

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Communication is difficult for everyone. Some people think it is a natural skill you are born with but that is not true. The good news is that you can learn to communicate more effectively if you want. However, I would just do what you can and only tell those closest to you about your illness. Best of luck to you.

Yes I have always wanted to try my whole life --watch observe try to imitate others. Asked my psych eulogist on a class on how to better communicate but it didn’t happen. I don’t know I am over 50 and I wonder if it will ever get easier.

Your written communication skill is very good, as I can see it from your writing.

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Thank you. people, like teachers etc say that my writing is good-I am glad to hear positive things! I went through speech therapy as a kid but its more than speaking also but thats part of it its also reacting to nonverbal cues I think.

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