College accommodation

i need info on what accommodation I can get for school. I signed up for a degree program in Nutrition. Online, Purdue Global.

Can I ask for more time on exams and tests and work? I asked what they off for severe mental illnesses that interfere with life, but haven’t heard back yet. Probably tomorrow.

Any experience? Should I even try? This will be my secpnd time to college. I went for Bachelor’s of Science in childhood education last time.

Each college is different when it comes to the type of accommodations. Your best bet is hearing back from them. Some of mine were, separate testing room, someone making notes for me, have the professor give me constructive feedback before the presentation or project was due, and I was able to record the lectures

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I got a third degree in 2017. I didn’t need any accommodations but I think they will give you extra time for tests and stuff but I usually finish tests before everyone else does. You either know it or you don’t.

Best of luck.

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Thanks. I can pick things up fast but the math scares me. I don’t know algebra.

I disagree. Maybe you’re a genius or an exception to the rule?

Some people process information differently and the extra help can make someone with difficulties perform at their proper level.

I can get practically every accommodation but never actually signed up for a class…I recommend it for starting out. I went to university so I already proved I can compete at community college. The normies get jealous of those who get extra test time or get to use ADHD meds but I don’t blame them unless they are abusing the rules. Depending on the college you attend, the accommodations can be very hard to follow and do and it’s almost not even worth the damn hassle. They take every measure to fight about cheating and it’s very legitimate and back up by the government.

I highly recommend it and most people do. My worries is not about your employer figuring it out (if you don’t tell them, they won’t know), but being able to compete in the work force after college. They say college is easier than work in the sense that the stakes are much higher in the work place and not so cookie-cutter and less room for mistakes.

It also depends on the school, major, classes, etc.

If you really want to know the truth, go to the disability office and/or call. I’ve been through the whole process got ‘certified’/approved and such but then never attended a class due to relapse or trouble with my mental health.

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Go to the office of disability services. You’ll need a note from your doctor requesting things, but you’re legally entitled to the ability to record lessons, alternate testing locations, untimed tests, getting the entire syllabus up front, no pop quizzes (the prof must disclose them to you ahead of time) and more excused absences. Different schools handle the requests differently, but if anyone gives you a hard time, you can just remind them of the ADA and make no secret that you’re familiar with lawsuits.


Some won’t apply. It’s online school.

I’m second guessing it.

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This is off the subject, but I saw on the internet that you can get a four year degree at Northeastern State University in Talequah, Oklahoma for $9000, with the usual assistance. I think that is the direction I would go if I was getting my degree now. You might check out what options you have in that regard.

I just got back from two weeks of training for work. I had to take two tests. I turned mine in first both times. I can guarantee none of the others were schizophrenic.

I go with my gut on answers and just move on to the next question.

I didn’t make 100s but I passed all 36 modules and my counselor told me I m doing great.

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I signed up for 2 year bachelor’s.

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Let me make it clear, I’m great on tests and always make high grades on everything. I’m worried about one class and also times when my sza makes me depressed where i procrastinate too much.

I’m not easily confused and usually finish quickly. It isn’t a case of not “getting it”. I’m pretty intelligent regardless of how my typing comes out with touchscreen and predictive text.

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You shouldn’t feel bad over test accommodations. It’s your right, you are protected by law, and it is helping you achieve your potential. Have you looked at other schools?

I think you will do great.

I hate math too. I have no idea how I passed calculus in college. I only went to class for test days. It was a 730 am class. I wasn’t schizophrenic then though.

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