Spatial IQ test(long-208 questions)

Needs a lot of perseverance Was hard to see how some of the questions were about spatial ability but overall result was in the ballpark for similar tests ie very low.


I pressed pass on several questions. I got tired in the end and just pressed something. I had above normal before I got ill. My psychologist told me I need to learn how to live as “normal” people. I miss my quick thinking brain. I had so easy to think. Now my thoughts are like in quicksand.

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I pressed pass on several too. You did significantly better than I did. Nearly 46% better than my score.

Oooooh. Will have to play with this later.

I reckon you’ll score (very) high . The spatial factor is one of the reasons I reckon that I have non verbal learning disorder rather than ASD although I can score quite high on ASD tests.

I got really high, only word knowledge dragged me down.

So close to being above average. I will have to study more geography. Thanks American Education.

It says worldly. Just thought I’d point that out…


15 characters for getting that far anyways

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@Apathy That’s a respectable score. Your pattern and shapes score was good

That’s so funny because that was the part that pissed me off lol

Just downloaded some globes to my tablet. This outta be fun.

Ha! Hand tools?! How?!

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Another one good at patterns and shapes. That score was only let down by 5.

We are advanced baby toy players


What’s with that spot for Worldly Knowledge?

this one was a hard test, I scored 73

At least you did better than me.

Damn that test was annoying. I don’t know how to make a cherry pie lmao.

Seriously that test was whack. They got these crappy-ass drawings, first of all. Like is it a cheese grater, is it a garden hose nozzle, IDF know. Then it’s like, which of these garden hose nozzles would you use to make a cherry pie? Then it’s got this picture of a table with a cat under it and a hovering box with a fork, and it’s asking you if the ball if next to the able. THERE IS NO BALL IN THE PICTURE. Anybody who gets low scores on this test should not feel bad, god damn.


My ego would like to believe that but my score was in line with other spatial tests I’ve done.

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