I know I'm bad at this but WTF!

I’m banking on it’s not supposed to be taken seriously! That they random generate the scores.


Not bad @firemonkey… congrates…

Someone on Reddit got 65 and was told he was spatially challenged !


If i try I could never score a points…!!! Haha…!!

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20/100 oof~!!!

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This is one of my weak points, always was. Besides, it’s not taken in a controlled environment for reliable results.

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It made my head hurty.

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If you only got 35 it must be a crap test.

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70/100: 3 Dimensionally Capable


I’m known to have problems here.

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@velociraptor My mistake I always thought you were good spatially

@anon1517417 Well done .

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No i was just random guessing lol 40/100

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Two people on Reddit got 90 and a 100 respectively. The one who got a 100 has Asperger’s.

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The correct answers are 5 6 6 1 6 1 8 2 1 1 1 1.
I did not get 100%, but I see what mistakes I made now that I know the correct answers by trial and error.

i get 100% for not giving a fk about this test :joy::joy::joy:


I quit it cannot make third level good job

With LEGO I can hold, sure. I’m also dyslexic. Certain shapes are a real problem for me. Parts of the darn test were jumping around on me. I kind of wound up with the neurological bitchslap combo plate.

I got 50 but my brain hurt when I was doing it

d00d, stop comparing yourself to others so much. For myself, I’m having some serious cardiac issues. Bad enough that I’m not walking to and from work right now, okay? If I compare myself to others who are running triathalons or half marathons, well, I’m going to feel like crap because I just can’t do what they’re doing. There are still things I can do well and that’s where my energy goes now.

You’re interesting, you’re intelligent, and your input is valued here. So what if you can’t figure out what comes after shape A in some stupid online quiz? I’ve yet to encounter a scenario IRL where that sort of crap is necessary.

Cheers mate.


70/100 it said I could screw a cap back on with the best of them. Lol