Short spatial orientation test

Wow that was difficult!

I got some answers right, but was a bit slow to answer all of them. Good test.

The percentages don’t add up to 100
It says you had 1% unanswered, but on the right it says 0 unanswered.
Plus the time used and time left suggest 6 questions. This would give 17% unanswered.
I think this test is probably dodgy and don’t put much stock in it.
Especially since the average score means around only 2-3 questions correct. So lots of people would have gotten 0 correct to get such a low average.

Was it trying to get you to try and buy something - like brain training?

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@firemonkey Looking at the home page I’d guess they are trying to sell you their training courses by making you feel like you need it.
Scam alert.

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The site is owned by

So they are selling the tests AND selling training on how to pass the tests!
What a business model!

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Yeah after taking the test I have to agree with @unbe. I’m exceptional at these kinds of tests, but the questions were worded in intentionally confusing ways and overly drawn out. This test measures your ability to remember minute details, not your spatial awareness.

I thought the questions were too long, but didn’t want to use that as an excuse for not doing well as my performance anyway on such tests is the complete opposite to yours.

It’s 30 secs per question , but fully reading a question takes up a substantial amount of that time .

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Yeah and the wording was intentionally convoluted and confusing. If a professor were to give this as an exam, the results would end up being thrown out. If the average score is 44%, the test writers made some grave errors.

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It would certainly give less than accurate results for people good at spatial orientation, but with a somewhat slow processing speed.

I also have a quick processing speed. I score in the top 99th percentile in most of these things. I didn’t even bother to finish this one because it was so obnoxious.

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My processing speed seems to be task dependent .

For example, this question is absolute nonsense. There is no way to give the actual correct answer, and the next closest answer only works if you interpret the exit of the fire station to be as far west as possible. The red line shows the actual correct answer, which wasn’t an option.

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Looking at that question it seems to be designed to be failed if you’ve only got 30s. Plus there’s a lot of reading comprehension / speed involved and not so much spatial orientation.

I wonder if the ones they use for the recruitment test are this badly designed.

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I know they were trying to imply that 57th st was a one way road, but it was only designated as one way after the intersection, not before. It would be ridiculous to interpret the entire road as one way before the intersection.

As a comparison see 3 of the questions here.

Those questions are much more typical for a spatial reasoning test.

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