Spatial Awareness Problems

Does anyone else have issues relating to their spatial skills?

I suck at parking my car, horrible. I think it’s cuz i over-think it.

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Do you think its related to the illness?

I dont know, although i dont remember parking the car ever really being an issue until the past few years, so maybe. I dunno what it is, i was devoloping ocd and cured it with CBT but i am still paranoid that my car will get dinged if i dont park it well, i think thats why i said i over-think it.

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I am always running into walls and doorways in the house. I hurt myself occasionally.


I have been thinking a lot about this kind of thing lately.

When you are driving, you are looking ahead on the road, analyzing the spacial dimensions, and then you are anticipating what is next. That anticipation is a “telling the future” kind of mechanism. You can tell how far you can go before you get into trouble on the road at what speeds etc. It’s a very anticipatory computation that you are doing in the moment, and that “anticipation” of what is ahead in the next movement of the future is what you base your driving actions on.

I was an athlete, and the center focus of athleticism is the ability to anticipate what is next in the field around you, and then react to it concisely, as quickly as possible, and with the exact measure of force more or less depending on the exact circumstance.

In finance we analyze all of the news and civilization, and then we determine as best as we can what is going to happen or not happen. We figure out the best odds of our money being needed so much that it is true we can make a profit on what we invest in. If we get it wrong, it was not needed as much as we thought, therefore we lose money.

You can see that in all cases it is all about anticipating what is next via predicting the future. Now let’s not confuse that with any supernatural nonsense as we scz people are prone to doing whether we even want to or not.

When I’m in intense situations, I’m very accurate in my awareness of what is next. But when there is nothing that demands that kind of mindfulness of me, I’m not so accurate. In fact I’m very clumsy, and my mind is focused on the vivid animation of my scz on the surface of my my other thoughts and concerns.

It’s almost like my awareness of spacial reality is sealed into a silo until it is paramount that its used because of the risk that’s involved in the spacial world around me. Then when the risk or whatever is all gone, then my spacial awareness just falls back into the silo, and I’m ultra aware of my inner apparitions such as thinking and all.

And that appears to be the difference between myself and everyone else without scz. I’m an introvert, but I’m a brighter one than everyone else is one, and they are a brighter extrovert than I am at least in the social respect.

Socializing is an extroverts activity which I’m poor at, but I’m especially good at spacial reality activity when it is complex and intense while many others are not.

What I lack socially I’m adept at many other things, but scz is the least of social aptitudes. It’s the antithesis of social aptness in my 20 years experience.

I find that when I become mindful of my surrounding specifically in a “this is the future unfolding before my eyes” kind of perspective just like when I was a kid new to the physics and natures of the world, then the world becomes more vivid as it the weight of my scz goings on have been lightened. The colors brighten a little, and the shapes are more 3D or spatially dimensional.

It’s something to think about. I hope that helps.


I’m literally the worst. Couldn’t tell you accurate distance for anything. Can’t tell distance when parking. Can’t tell if I’ll fit in a small space until I’m stuck. Always stepping on people’s toes. I also can’t tell you how many feet tall or far something is. It’s weird though because I’m great at capturing depth in my drawing or paintings. I dunno

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Did you always experience this?

As a kid I think I was less clumsy. But special awareness also wasnt important to me as it is now. If I wasn’t specially aware as a kid usually it resulted in me falling down or bumping into something. Now it results in property damages and insurance rates going up so I’m waaaay more aware of it. Funny though, I’ve fallen and hurt myself more in the past 3 years than i have in the previous 7 years. So there may be some relation. Although I’ve always had trouble with distance spacial awareness. Like throwing a basketball into a hoop but not always with bodily special awareness. I used to climb into small spaces and contort my body so well that I was great at dodgeball, gymnastics, hide and seek, etc. I dunno

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I read the same on schizophrenia subreddit. did you post it?

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i crash a lot when i drive… on my own I trip, fall, spill, drop etc

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