I crashed into the garage wall

So yesterday when I was driving home I accidentally crashed the car into the wall of the house that my parents are renting, and the whole house started flooding incredibly quickly. My parents and the house owner now have to do repairs on it. At least it didn’t catch fire. I feel like such ■■■■. I’m so frustrated that my reflexes are garbage. I used to have better reflexes when I was younger, but ever since getting schizophrenia and on meds my reflexes just don’t work. It took my five times to pass my driving test. Am I the only one that has dumbed down reflexes after getting this illness and taking meds? I have to take the meds because they make the voices go away. I’m just so frustrated that I can’t drive properly. I think I’m a hazard on the road. I try my best to drive carefully but it’s just not good enough. I just sent out applications to five four year universities like about a week ago to start in fall of next year, and I thought I was going to commute to campus from home and back, but now my parents are talking about me living on campus if I get in because my driving is that bad. I wanted to commute because it would save a lot of money living at home instead of on campus. The counselors and my parents think I will be accepted into one of them. It just sucks that I can’t drive. I plan on getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting and working for my dad as an accountant. I just feel so frustrated and incompetent. I feel like crying because I hate myself and am so frustrated that I can’t even drive a car properly. I’m hoping those self driving cars come out sooner rather than later. I really need one badly. But yeah, does anyone else with schizophrenia and/or on meds struggle with driving? I feel like I’m the only one.

Oh man, that’s not good. :astonished: At least you weren’t injured, right? How did the house start flooding? Did the fire sprinkler system go off or something?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, not sure how old you are but driving skills take awhile to learn. There are lots of people that have trouble with it. Might be an idea to take some advanced driving lessons, just because you have a drivers license does not mean you have to stop taking lessons. Like everything in life we have to keep learning and developing our skills.

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I hit a pipe in the wall and all this water started gushing out. my parents and the owner of the house were all really nice to me about it, but i just feel awful about it.

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are the lessons behind the wheel or in a classroom?

Well, that’s what I insurance is for, right? In a few years time, it’ll just be a funny story to tell. :relaxed:

yeah maybe, but it doesn’t seem funny right now :frowning: It’s probably going to cost a fortune to fix.

In my neighborhood lots of people park in their driveways. It seems like a lot of the garage doors have dents in them from folks not stopping in time when they pull into their driveway. So you’re not alone, I guess.

yeah i guess 151515

Wow, I’m sorry that happened. That sounds very frustrating…
There has been lots of debate on here, whether the meds or the illness is the cause for mental and physical deficiency. Maybe it depends…
When I was on wellbutrin and clonazapam, my cognition and motor skills were incredibly altered. I couldn’t walk, talk, think, or bring my hands near my face without convolsions. When I was on Abilify, I only experienced uncomfortableness, restlessness, and irritability. :confounded:
If you’re really wanting to drive, maybe speak with your doctor about what is causing the motor skill deficiency, then make a change. Otherwise, driving may not be very safe.
Glad to hear no one was hurt. :balloon:

i wish i had a garage, when i get a car idk where i am going to park, i think i’ll need to get a permit and thats expensive :frowning:

i did say to a friend today that i could drive him into town if he wanted to come in with me some time and he was like yeah, so i have a car buddy now at least.

sorry about your accident, its really hard to judge distances some times, a good way to help you judge distances is to get sensors fitted so you know when you are getting close to the wall :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure where you’re from… but here in Canada, we have course called Driver’s Education you can take. It’s quite expensive, but you get to go out driving with a teacher. Might be something to consider looking into. :slight_smile:

They have both but behind the wheel is better, might have to do some research for a good driving school that offers more than just regular driving courses.
In my work I semi drivers arrive at warehouses and have to back up to the building, some can’t even do it. They get their license and figure they are good to go. It’s kind of a flaw in the system. If more people took the time to keep taking lessons to better themselves at something they will use all their lives, our roads would be much safer.

Not only will you get better at it but it will give you more confidence and you will be proud of yourself.

thanks, yeah it was frustrating. I need the meds I’m on because one helps with not hearing voices, one makes it so I can sleep, and the other one helps me lose weight. I can’t function without them. I can’t study without them either. I’m starting to think that maybe I should only drive to my pyschologist and psychiatrist, and maybe have my brother drive me to the community college that we are both attending right now for the next year, then live on campus to get a bachelor’s degree, and then just work for my dad and have him drive me to the office where we would both be working. For anything else just take uber or lyft or something. I can’t believe I did that. Yeah, no one was hurt thankfully.

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I feel like I’m just spiraling farther and farther into debt. I already owe like 100k about to a university that I dropped out of my fourth year. Now I’m probably going to go to another university and live on campus, for at least 2 years, and then I want to pay my parents back for however much debt that I owe for damaging the house. If I ever pay off my debts I’ll probably be in my fifties before that happens, even if I live with my parents for the rest of my life.

Well, you should do what you think is best.

And don’t feel bad. I am still a learner, myself. I have done my share of embarrassing and even dangerous driving mistakes. We all do.

thanks :slight_smile: 151515

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