Spaced out

i feel really spaced out today, it was worse this morning and afternoon,

my mind just couldnt latch on to things, my friend sweep was saying things and i found it really hard to remember or even know what she was saying, was like i was on hard drugs like marajawana or i was drunk or had a really really bad hang over (without the head ache)

the gas man read my meter this morning very early and i think that might be the cause but other than that its like i took to much meds but i didnt, i took the normal dose :confused:

it a weird one.

do you ever feel completely spaced out?


Yes… some mornings I wake up and it feels like a drunk XTC flash back without the fun.

It doesn’t seem to have any pattern or reason it just hits out of the blue.

It’s not lack of sleep, it’s not incorrect meds, it’s not anything. I just wake up scattered and sort of drunk feeling. It takes so much effort to focus, or answer my sis or even eat.

I have to double test everything to make sure it’s real. I’m all over the place on these mornings.

Those are the types of mornings where I will meticulously pack a very good lunch but forget to put my pants on. If you ask me something… It takes a long time to process and I mostly likely won’t answer your question, but pick up a word you said and play with that instead.

I am SO thankful for a flexible schedule because when those days hit… I can not go to work. Much less figure out the door knob.


wow, you just descibed it better than me, idk what it is or what causes it, this is this worst its been, i mean whenn i was at college i would feel a bit spaced out and a little tired but nothing as bad as this morning,

my brain was just a useless blob of mush lol

each morning i stand at the open fridge looking at the contents and the light glaring in my eyes, with a totally blank mind…i look down and i go ’ yeah ’ , i have my trousers on , not senile yet…
take care


Allergies are a big factor for me, it’s not just the pollen, it’s the grass, trees, molds. Even the barometric pressure gives me the worst headache.
Right before it rains, is very high, then once the the the rain starts, it drops real low and my headache is gone.
Spring is my favorite time of year, but I hate the way I feel.

I get like this sometimes, i don’t know what causes it.

Spaced out, or out of it. When your not really in touch with reality. Yeah. I used to get it. And my friends would tell me that I was out of it when talking to them on the phone. Marajawana what lol…

could be a time for medicine change in some way. Could have to do with lack of focused activity over time. Yes, could be an allergy. Idk.

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no i don’t get spaced out at all. maybe i just don’t suffer from it. hope u feel better soon dreamer. xxx

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