New, Different feelings

Im starting to feel new feelings, not pleasent ones, it’s starting to affect my homelife and i just wanted to share it. I’m starting t get really angry and uncomfortable when people are around me are talking and i’m also angry at random times for no apparent reason, i feel it harder to remember and recover my thoughts and i have headaches all the time, they’re not very painful but they’re not non existant, it’s like a pain that makes you feel uncomfortable on the side of your brain i just wanted to share this incase you guys have some ideas on why ths may be happening and what they may be.

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is it…

  1. lack of sleep
  2. due to medication
    before psychosis hits me i get irritable…noise screws with my head…etc :imp:
    take care :alien:

I noticed when I got back on meds this last time. I was in a foul mood before the pdoc changed the meds around. Not saying anything negative about you. Are you feeling restless too? When I was put on risperidone for the third time I was restless and delusional about things I saw on tv.

Lol i’m 14, i’m not on any meds at all, going for my first checkup tomorrow though mate, with me luck :grinning:

I wish you luck, and I hope your check up goes well.