Soul m8 of a lover

would you say most people have a soul m8?


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the people of doing a blanky

It’s not possible for anyone else to have my wit, style and panache so I would say no. :wink:


I’m married to mine. We freak each other out with how we think of the same stuff all the time

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Soul mates simply means two people willing to face the hardships of life together without complaining too much or looking for “better” options elsewhere. It’s a mindset shared by two people who also happen to like each other.


I think it’s possible to have different kinds of soulmates. I believe my husband was meant for me, but I have friends I synch with in a major way that I believe they were meant in my life as well.


I was hoping to be in holy sacred union with my boyfriend but he is catholic and was married now divorced but he has pictures of his x all over his apartment which I’m not ok with.

If we ever live together he would have to not have her pictures up.

I don’t want to believe in soulmates. Because if they exist, I’m pretty sure I’ve already met mine and let her get away.

Unless there are more than one soulmate per person. In that case, my significant other is yet to be found.


No. I think there’s a lot of people you could find your soulmate with…just depends on time and circumstance.

Like. Not to rain on the parade but I don’t think anyone is perfect. Some things still piss you off with folk your in relationships you are with but you ignore that because it’s nice to have them in your life…With that in mind. There’s always someone in the world to fill that role. At least in my world :slight_smile:

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Yes, my soul is my only soulmate :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and no96-97

There’s no such thing as soulmates. You can make a happy life with any number of people from any number of backgrounds.

Possibly. I fall in love too easily. Perhaps, my soulmate is nobody.

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