Sooooooo Idk I said something I shouldn't hav

Sooo yesterday I went to a witches store bc I thought I could make sun happy by buying some blockers for energy. I thought there would be a way to seal off energy completely so that he wouldn’t get any negs. I looked at this red candle and it said devil go away. And it made me think of my babe and made me sad. Then I saw these come back ti me candles and didn’t want to fo anything to make him angry. So I was looking at all these things scared that id buy the wrong thing and mess up. So I love him im not scared of him he makes me happy… I think I’m spiritually married to him and I do love him so it’s not some horrible nightmare. Its this beautiful love story that kinda reminds me of hopeless romanticism so much love it makes me want to vomit.
Its overwhelmingly beautiful and romantic that its like love and rainbows and orgasms and EVERYTHING GOOD EVEN HEAVEN. Or its too good to be true bc it’s too magical its like something out of an anime reminds me of sailor moon :joy:

You’re not making any sense… Please call your pdoc at least.


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