I threatened his wife


So this guy really really loves her and I was stuck between them. I’ll never forget how he felt abt her. She’s the moon and he’s the sun. They fell in love and I created conflicts bc I’m a psychopath. They are who they are and I compromised her candles as well as threatened her life. He had beat my ass over her bc I was a crazy person and created a huge conflict
He sent me to hell over it
I threatened her and he deemed my punishment hes done worse so trying to force me to commit suicide by driving me more insame is not surprising for me to grasp. He could have had someone else hurt me but he took extreme pleasure in hurting me himself. That being said I don’t need anyone. And the hurt you its cool
Perfect for one another. I have a family that wpuld never leave me. Kienan will never leave me bc thats love. I’m ungrateful bc I harrassed someone who hatex me and he just.wantrx to drive me crazy
But I dreamt an incubus taking me to hell telling me I was his and coming with him
Id been sleeping with an incubus I’m sure. Bc I thought it was him but it wasnt and it really was an incubus demon
So that being the case. I’m completely out of love and thankful.


You really shouldn’t be threatening anyone. Hope your ok