I love this forum because I feel safe here

Thank you for all your help.


I’m glad you feel safe here flowers20

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I like this forum too.

I learn and I practice my social skills and expressionism

It really is a good way to take up time when I wake up in the night aswell as during bus rides, breaks at work etc

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I read your post about fearing hell, I can totally relate to that. Even though in a different way. But I’m still scared my boyfriend is the devil, not to derail the post.

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We are glad you are sharing and working towards feeling better.



Thats nice to hear. The rules help keep this place feeling comfortable and the mods are excellent.

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In what way is he the devil, in your mind. That must be so scary!!! Proof?

the pope said the devil is a person, and since then sort of, I’ve been thinking I’ve been in dialogue with him (my boyfriend being the devil, since he himself said he was a fallen angel).

Glad you feel safe. We do have strict rules, but they’re there to make it a safe place.


He said that as a joke.

He’s just a normal being.

Did he not even take back that statement? Because he knew you were taking it too seriously.

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He was pretty serious when he was explaining why he was a fallen angel. But yes he has taken it back now. Still worries me.

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What makes you think a devil exists in the first place. There’s no proof :disappointed_relieved:?

I guess it is just a feeling you have. It is hard to overcome those delusional feelings but it is possible

Glad to hear. 55

me too. 15151515

There’s good people here

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Oh hey! @Naarai what in the Sam Hill are you doing!??!

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Hiya sweet, Just got up - 6.30 am here. You pulled an all nighter?

I hope not. Imma try to sleep in a few. Haha :joy:.

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Lol oh ok. Im frozon - gonna bung the heating on haha.

Sleep well x

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Have a good one :relaxed:

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