Song tribute to my friend

Who passed away.

I said

Rest in peace to my deceased homies never phony you may have been a tad bit Stoney but I was glad to known the
Chilling in heaven now drinking booze

I think he would appreciate it but not sure if it’s inappropriate in others minds


I have to do redo the song anyways so I think I’m gonna change it to “chilling in heaven now eating food and drinking booze”. Cuz they liked those two things :smile:

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I figure since I lost two great people, now, I have two great guardian angels watching over me.

Matt would want me to finish out our dreams of becoming successful musicians and is rooting for me I’m sure, even though he didn’t believe in a God or a heaven…I assure you he’s there.

It was a little rushed at the end (the tribute part) but I like it.