For my friend who died a decade ago

10 years has passed when your energies run out
the life of yours suddenly ended
only to end your colorful life in the place of your birth
you never traveled anywhere but stayed in our birth town
I knew you since your childhood playing the same games already then
but I chose to study and travel in this world
and you wanted your life in this town where your friends were
but then the day came and you suddenly left all behind
you were not even so old but young when you left this Earth
sadly not many people remember you, but I do as I have always done
I hope you rose to the Heaven of the Kingly God
where you live your life peacefully as you should have done here on the Earth.


Beautiful… I’m glad u can still remember your friend for who that person was… I’m sure there at peace…

Their soul smiles upon you as does mine.

We could write a poem for each person whom we have lost too early, they have been young when they have died.

Sini, I remember you well, you a 21-year old woman
I have rarely seen as a beautiful person as you were
still remember talking with you in our friend’s house
you speaking some French as you told me
but then your depression took over your life
and suddenly you passed away also
as so many other friends have done in the past
what a great lost was your death
you had the whole life ahead of you
but you left us only when you were so young
so beautiful you were and I remember you forever
I hope you went to the Heaven as so many others have done.

Timo …

You were a nice and quiet man in your 20s
you never caused any troubles
and everybody liked you as I know
you were a father of one child
but we do not know what went wrong in your life
and one day after drinking some beer in our friend’s house
you did what nobody expected you to do
you did hang yourself suddenly
which was a surprise to all of us who stayed behind
it was a shock because everybody liked you
what did go wrong in your mind is still a mystery
you always seemed so happy and peaceful
leading us still to wonder what went wrong
I hope your soul rests in peace wherever you are now.