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Does anyone else when they’re symptomatic automatically feel like everyone hates them? Because I get that way when I’m symptomatic and it’s annoying because I become very sensitive and feel like everyone hates me. And then I get defensive and easily angered and just say I don’t like my friends.

I also have issues staying focused on conversations when I’m symptomatic and that makes me feel bad for my friends…I’ll zone out on what they’re saying or start doing something else. And I absolutely don’t mean for it to seem rude but I’m afraid maybe they see it that way? I don’t know, just anxious right now and was wondering how other people dealt with it.

I tend to isolate when I get symptomatic. My friend said “I could tell you were having one of those nights the other night, I wasn’t sure what to do, leave you alone, or try to talk it out so I just left” and I said “You were right in leaving me alone.”

I’m actually better when I have people around me when I’m symptomatic because I tend to get depressed, which is worse when I’m alone. And it feeds the everyone hates me thoughts.

I don’t think anyone ever notices when things are wrong with me. You’d be surprised how much attention you can deflect just by smiling and laughing.

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Yeah I wasn’t smiling and laughing that’s for sure. Lol yeah but I’d rather go on this website or the internet when I’m feeling depressed/paranoid. Or go over to my moms house. Usually not with friends though. I’d feel weird.

I haven’t had many friends except when I’ve been on my meds in my life so I avoid people if I’m not feeling okay.

Anxiety is normal amongst most people and always difficult to deal with, so you shouldn’t blame yourself if you behave differently due to feeling anxious. This may sound silly but take deep breathes through your nose and close your eyes and count to 20 really slowly to calm yourself down. I hope this has been useful, and if you find yourself feeing depressed, remember to have courage, and believe in yourself no matter how difficult it may seem.

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Yes I constantly think people hate me even people who don’t know me I even think people on here hate me.

With me these things come and go. Abject misery alternates with relative contentment. It’s not a bi-polar thing. The moods aren’t that strong. Maybe things will get back together for you of their own accord.

I don’t feel like everybody hates me. I feel that no one likes me. I hope it doesn’t turn into hate. I pray that I’m wrong.

I have a very bad habit doing this… I think it’s from my old friend ADHD. I’m standing and listening and then I see something else that catches my attention and I watch that… or I suddenly remember something and go take care of it… forgetting I was in a conversation with a person.


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