Sometimes mom doesnt get my needs so i turn to dad

mom has friends she sees often and lives with dad who she talks with during the day. but sometimes i get lonely being over by myself so go over to their place to have a conversation, and she basically ignores me 70% of the time. i ask her questions or try to make conversation but she is more interested in whatever she is doing on her ipad. so i talk to dad instead, and he always has something to say about whatever im talking about.


dad says thats just because she is an introvert but whenever there is a social outing she is the life of the party. we are taking a trip so she can get some alone time.

I know the feeling. It’s that way with my sister. I talked to her today, but I’m not going to call her again until Friday or next Monday. If I get bad I’m going to post on this forum. I’m thinking I may go to my psychiatric care provider again tomorrow. Their activities center is open again after being closed due to Covid19.

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that should be nice. how’s the weather? did you get that sleet? are you going to walk there?

Sometimes when I try to talk to my dad he doesn’t respond much because he’s reading something on his phone. Sometimes I’ll be reading on my phone when he’s trying to talk to me.

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yeah it’s like our family time has become sitting in the same room together while we are all on our devices haha.

The roads were clear this morning, so I went in and did my group therapy and counseling with my therapist. It’s supposed to be really cold tomorrow with a high of 39F. There’s a 20% chance of precipitation.

There wasn’t any sleet this morning.

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its funny to see her with strangers. last year when we went to florida we went to dinner and 2 people she had never met before and talked to them non-stop for 90 minutes while we sat there after finishing our meal. one of the ladies said, when im older i want to be just like you! i thought to myself, well thats funny.

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