Sometimes it seems so pointless

Me being on this forum, I mean. I’ve reached a point of both maturity and stability with my illness, that I really don’t feel like contributing to the discussion(s) much. I haven’t been heavily medicated for several years since I first went into the hospital. I just sometimes wonder how this forum fits into my life anymore.:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face:


Do what I did. Take a break and see how you find it. I think you will come back refreshed and ready to participate again. I have noticed, that like most relationships. it takes a little while for the forum members to trust you and get to know you, the same applies after you come back from a break if you have not been a regular contributor in the past.

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Hey whatever floats your boat man. I do so much better but I still feel like participating. So we’re all different. I understand though. I’ve been there too. But you can gain things still from this board. Maybe take a break see how you feel

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Help others who’re still on that journey. It’s peer support


I understand that you might not be getting much out of it. But you could be helping people and that could give you the warm fuzzies.


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