Did your illness got well treated after using this forum?

Did your illness got well treated after using this forum?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. I think this forum is a great support group for me, especially when I am having moments of absolute panic, because someone usually responds withing an hour. Someone else has usually already worked through whatever delusion I am experiencing, and they can talk me through it. I don’t think it would help me as much if I didn’t also have meds and therapy.


I came to know that it’s not me, it’s my illness that is the root cause of all evil.


This forum has helped me so much. I was already being treated, but this community has helped understand myself and my symptoms more than ever. I truly appreciate everyone here and the creators of the site for giving us this awesome place to share our experience with one another.


I agree, same here.

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I actually started to get really well, then posted on this forum. I was hoping to see similar stories & help others get through this b/c to be frank I was doing pretty well all through this summer, then I was put back on meds and took a nose dive again.

Things are feeling neutral, but looking up again, though.

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I feel this forum is therapeutic sometimes. But some posters trigger me and are far out there. I imagine It is the same for others.

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Yes, there are some that have the same effect on me, but for the most part y’all are cool as a cucumber.

This forum gave me some ideas for therapy… ideas for coping and letting go of past guilt.

I’m thankful to @onceapoet for her ritual of the stones. I’ve done it a few times now… it’s helped let go of some past guilt

I’m forever grateful to @radmedtech who encouraged me to self advocate with my Doc in a way that I got what I needed with my meds… It gave me the confidence to self advocate with other doc issues and I think that’s why we’re working together better.

@mortimermouse gave me some different perspectives to poinder.

@77nick77 also helped me a lot with coping and learning how to self manage.

There are a lot of people on here who have given my encouragement and ideas and education that has helped me get through this.


Yes for me like the feed back on glycine and theanine the benefit and knowledge of people’s testimony how it worked for them.

I’m so glad I was able to help someone :smile:

This forum has helped me a lot on my recovery, specially on not giving up hope

Becoz of this forum I understood that I’m not wrong born or not wrong code guy, I understood that the big picture is, it’s not me, it’s the illness, the real culprit.

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