Poll: When Will You Outgrow This Forum?

  • When I’m symptom free

  • I’ll always hang around here

  • I take it day by day, We’ll see.

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It’s a day by day deal…

Funny thing… when I think I’m done here… is actually when I’m going through a negative swing and not doing well.


When I feel most “well” is normally when I do the most cranky things lol


i will be here for the rest of my life…i luv it… :oncoming_police_car:

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Just wondering at what point it is no longer healthy for an individual to continue posting on this forum.

Can it become detrimental to one’s recovery…being around mentally ill people…when in fact, you no longer consider yourself to be mentally ill?

Or, at least not feeling mentally ill when on your proper medication.


I’m exactly the same - the line between “I feel great!” and “Everyone is annoying and wrong!” is pretty fine.


Haha, I think it’s funny that nobody is choosing “When I’m Symptom Free.” Are we really that jaded? Thinking that we’ll never get better…

When I get a job.

i use the forums to learn, to socialise, to have laughter, i enjoy chatting with people from all over the world


How do you mean ‘unhealthy’.? An individual who gets better can help others in the recovery section.
And why go to all or nothing anyway?

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I was in the old formum and it was what I needed then. This is what I need now. I missed the old solids in there. when I repeatedly saw Jaster here, I felt comforted.


It’s true @Username

When I’m feeling better/normal, I can be more cranky and confrontational…less patient and empathetic.

I wonder if that’s a sign I’m outgrowing this site…or just becoming more straight and focused.



Aaahh I am definitely not trying to speak for you, but in my case, it’s a sign that I’m not doing as well as I’d like. For me, “cranky” and “confrontational” (I get the same way) aren’t indicators of wellness, and patience and empathy are the last “symptoms” I want relief from.

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Don’t know if it is a question of outgrowing it, it’s pretty grown up from my perspective. Maybe you’re just tired

I’ll leave when I’m ready to, for now I’m enjoying making friends


What I mean is, I’m talking to posters as if they weren’t mentally ill. I’m forgetting that they truly are battling this affliction.

I think this is a sign I should be on my way…

I’m placing my own ‘recovery template’ on to others.

When I finally get a decent job again and don’t have time anymore! :smile:

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Ya same here man. Good luck.

I think you make a big contribution. There are degrees of this illness and it gives a lot of hope to see someone on here who is doing well - namely you - and I think you have a lot to offer the other people because you have so many years of coping experience.


Maybe its just a sign that you have to be more aware of yourself, not a sign to give up on this.


I am well now. I just hang around to talk about my eggs