Sometimes I think my food binges are in fact forms of self harm

Last night I binged horribly. At the same time I pulled out hair and bit my nails till they bleed.

Does this sound like self harm to you? Or maybe anxiety. I don’t know but I feel pretty foggy minded today

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Post Malone said it best;

Me and Kurt feel the same, too much pleasure is pain.

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Sorry, I forgot to answer your question lol.

They could be. Overeating can cause just as much pain as it does pleasure.


Firstly, you must recognise you are loved! Your family treasure you.

Then you must realise you are worthy of love.

Then you must start to like and love yourself.

Learn who you are, accept who you are and love yourself.

Then the self hatred and doubt will lessen. Getting comfortable with self defeating traits is a downward spiral.

Even if you don’t love yourself then at least learn to like yourself.

You are funny, caring and have respect. Start there! We like you. Now like yourself!

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Binge Eating Disorder and Self-Harm


You get a form of satisfaction out of all of those things cos it interrupts an internal discomfort.

My guess

That’s why I binge eat

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You sound like you have anxiety maybe. Though I had a counselor tell me we can’t control what happens to us but we can control what we put in our mouth. My eating disorders and cutting started I think after my mom got sick b4 she died.

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I don’t exactly binge , but have a difficulty knowing when I feel full up. The same goes for knowing when I need to drink because I’m thirsty .

It relates to interoception .

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man that sounds horrible !! I don’t know what to tell you…tell your pdoc maybe he or she might be able to answer that.

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Pulling out your hair and biting your nails till they bleed sounds very disturbing.
Please get help for these @anon94176359 as soon as you can.

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Hair pulling

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