Sometimes I feel like the world is looking out for me

Despite all the horrible stuff that has been going on in my inner world, with the reappearance of many symptoms I haven’t had in ages likely due to this prolonged severe lack of sleep, my external world has been amazing. I’m going to get a new puppy soon. The neighbor’s hamster is staying with me for a week and I love it. I get to spend a weekend at a neighbor’s place playing with dogs. My two best friends-out of state- surprised me today saying they want to come and visit me at my town (next week!!) before I go visit them and the rest of my friends in august which I am also so excited about. Work is going well. School is going well. My family is loving and supportive. Folks on here I am so grateful for as well for your kindness and continued reassurance that I am safe and that things can improve.

I am often told by mental health care workers and others that I am incredibly strong, but I don’t think I could be so strong if I did not have so many blessings and wonderful things supporting me and nurturing that strength. So to everyone on here and for everything else too, I am thankful. I feel horrible right now, dead exhausted and anxious and depressed, yet I feel such a warmth and love for all I have and feel renewed motivation to continue to fight.

Summary: My inner world may be rough right now but life is good and I am grateful for it. Thank you sincerely to all who have given me kind words and encouragement & grounding as of late as I have needed it more than I can say.


I’m happy for you that you have beautiful things in your life despite all the sensations of demons. I have read quite a few of what you posted about your experiences but I don’t know what to say most of the time. I just hope you continue to see the beautiful more than the gruesome :slight_smile:


I feel like the “Universe” is watching and looking out for me too and has been all of my life. I am very blessed.

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