Sometimes I feel like I have a Demon inside of me

I’ve always had a dark side, I’ve learned to ignore it for the most part as an adult. These days when I’m around people and I see somebody in a vulnerable position thoughts in my mind surface about doing bad or terrible things and I start thinking it through in my mind and feeling urges to react to it as well as alarm for thinking of doing such terrible things. I have no idea where this comes from but it’s annoying. This makes me glad to live alone (I only interact with people only at work and my dad a couple times a day). Anybody else have this kind of problem? Sometimes it feels like there’s a demon in me that is trying to coming out but I don’t believe in such things literally.

I think I have a dark side too. But it’s probably more to do with frustration for the way my life turned out. I recognise it’s there but don’t act on it.

I’m sure we all have a dark side.

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i have a dark side too. i find myself thinking hateful thoughts toward people that i don’t really mean.

yeah I have hateful thoughts about people but they are only words/ thoughts . Nothing graphic ever. Just wish I’d never meet / met anyone like that. Depends on what these thoughts are I guess. =(

If you feel you are a danger plz call your doc =(

Sometimes I wonder if I was possessed.

It’s just brain inflammation triggering negative thoughts. Kind of a stress-relief mechanism.

I used to have that belief, but with good treatment it went away.

I do think a lot of people have “bad thoughts” that they never act on. Fixating on and entertaining those thoughts is when there’s a problem, and obviously you never want to act on hurting anyone…
I underwent an exorcism when I was young. (I wasn’t a bad person, but was tormented) It didn’t work 'cause it was the sz, not actual demons. (I do believe in demons because that’s part of my religious beliefs, but I also think that there’s a difference between what you might read about in the Bible and what we understand about psychology now)
Anyway, it sounds like you have invasive thoughts. Maybe talk with a therapist about them?
Otherwise, I do think every person has “bad thoughts” sometimes. Having a “dark side” is kind of the human condition.

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Sometimes I feel like I have a monster inside me. But it’s only Alien playing his tricks.

There is opposition. Thus there is YOU, and then there is something else. Hold on to that YOU.

I know I have a dark side and it wants out it super hard keep it from coming
So at 18 I am joining the military to let it out in a battlefield and I don’t care for my own