Can't stop thinking about the devil and demons

It is exhausting. I don’t want to think about it but it seems every other thought of mine is related. I have so much anxiety about it. I wish I could just stop believing in them. My brain feels stuck and fixated. I don’t even know how many times I’ve googled how to get rid of a demon and info about them in the past week.

I have a similar thing where I constantly think the devil and his demons are trying to possess me. It’s a OCD symptom where once I have a intrusive thought about it, I have to perform a compulsion/ritual to get rid of it. Its plagued me since I was 12. Back then it was much worse because I was unmedicated and didn’t have much support to get rid of it. I remember one time where I thought that if I put on a shirt I would get possessed, though I knew it wasn’t true.

It’s been going on since I was like 17 and im 25 now. I can’t even believe it has been almost 10 years of dealing with the same damn demon. That is crazy that my brain would put me through that.

I’m lucky I don’t really have any compulsions, just the obsession part. And then I start thinking well they are making me obsess over them. Its just a bad spiral situation :confused:

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Back when I was more sick with schizophrenia, I thought demons were after me, so I definitely know what’s it like. I’m sorry you had to deal with it for so long. Hopefully I can get past mine soon. I’m only 17 right now, so it’s been bad for 5 years.

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Sorry you got sick so young. I’ve had the illness since I was a kid too. As long as I can remember actually. It got real severe in my teens though. I hope things get better for you soon too :slight_smile:

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