Is this delusional?

Back in hospital due to depression I’ve gone back (despite being on abilify) to feeling split in two different conflicting halves; the ‘normal’, rational and atheistic self, and this other self who believes, or pretends to believe that he was sent by God and got caught in a demonic simulation. So far the normal self is stronger, but my question is, should I be considered delusional if I retain a social self untainted by the beliefs of my ‘delusional’ self? Or is it a question of degress across a spectrum of belief? Thanks


There’s too much going on in your mind yeah it sounds delusional. I know what it’s like to believe you can think yourself out of mental illness but the real recovery comes from just being able to live naturally. I feel my mind and body are fully as one again for the first time in a while.


Hi Seksoempirico. You’ve got a lot to consider, “rational and atheistic” vs “sent by God/demonic simulation.” Maybe there’s a third option that includes a bit of both. I’ve spent a lot of years mulling this over, and don’t claim to have any definitive answers. But I KNOW there is more to life than birth, experience joy and pain, die. I hope you are gentle with yourself. You sound like a smart person. Best wishes. :slight_smile:


Not necessarily delusional, though it could develop as such. Plenty of ‘sane’ people believe they’ve heard/felt god tell them something, and thats considered within the realm of normal. I like to think of it as consciousness, whether human or other, as completely and utterly a psychotic act. Consciousness is psychosis.

As we became more advanced and the luxury of being at the top of the food chains benefits came forward, we started realizing, holy ■■■■! Life doesn’t last forever. Thus gods, philosophies and religions. Its all delusion. so you, a schizophrenic, telling me you think god sent you here for a special purpose doesn’t exactly surprise.

If you want my non biased, religion friendly advise -god did not send you here on a mission, and demons/demonic powers are not distracting you from such things.

Despite what was said by another, yes you can think your way out of the illness to an extent. By simply not entertaining these delusions. People may disagree and say only medication can save you. Bullsht. You either do something or you don’t, same applies to your thought. And especially in your case, because you say the sane atheistic version of you is currently dominating. So all the more so you have a choice to entertain this fantasy or choose to join reality and move forward with your life. The choice is entirely within your power based on how your describing your mental state.

(Its called neuroplasticity)

Short version: yes its delusional.

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