Something's wrong

So I’ve been very active tonight and this morning because I’m worried about my mom. She’s not acting herself. She’s been slowly changing. She just turned 50 on the 16th. But something is strange about her. She’s not all there sometimes. I’m worried that it’s my fault. That maybe me having sz has caused her to become this way. She’s off in another world when you talk to her. And when you talk to her she’s stuck to her phone not paying attention. I don’t know maybe it’s me? I know I have sz and it can skew things but something doesn’t feel right.


Hmmm, toughie. She’s not “that” old

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I hope my mom’ll be okay, she’s a great lady but she’s also getting older. It can be hard to see loved one’s changing. Change and maturation is part of life.

Uplift her if you can, let her uplift you. Find meaning in doing so.

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Your family is younger than mine. I’m 28 I have no kids or Nephews or nieces . My mom is 71 my dad is 69. Fortunately both are in good health. My dad I worry about because he is a peculiar person I think. He will solve 9 problems and ignore the one that kills him until he dies. He’s just like that.

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Don’t worry. Everything will be fine


Thank you. I hope so.

How that could be from your illness.She just isn’t in mood.Try to talk to her.

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I don’t think this has anything to do with you or your sz. Don’t blame yourself.

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