Something that happened to me

My middle sister has me over for dinner every Monday night, and my older sister is always there too.We made it a regular thing because I had been isolating too much, even with work and a nice neighborhood that I live in. They have supported me ever since I got sick and up until I started turning down invitations they included me in lots of fun stuff, including with their husbands, their friends, and my nephews. Anyway, I called my middle sister last night because I was going to be late. She didn’t answer, I tried 6 times and gave up. But then I called my oldest sister, she couldn’t reach my other sister either. So we were talking about how I had missed a few times for dinner. Then she said, “It’s our only time we get to see you”. I was bowled over. I thought the ONLY reason we had dinner together was because they were trying to help me. And that’s part of it. But they WANT to see me. They’re helping me. But they actually WANT to see me. I was overwhelmed. It’s a big deal for me because I often feel that people around me don’t like me and that I don’t belong. And it was a big deal because they were two people who knew me for 52 years and to have my sisters still like me even after knowing me for 52 years made me feel good. And needed.


I’m glad you got to hear this. I had a feeling they liked you. They kept inviting you places even after you turned them down. They helped you put your balcony together. They have been by your side through the best and worst, and you’ve been there for them. You’ve been a big part of their life as well.

I am so glad you have your sisters and now you get to see they are glad to have you. :blush:

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I’m not surprised Nick, you’re a pretty likable guy. Why are you so hard on yourself?



Cherish that. There are so many schizophrenics who have no one, or have family that have given up, or have just plain rotten family members.

It’s good to hear stories like this.


Consider yourself a lucky man, I wish my brother behaved this way more. Things are getting better though


Well, thanks Csummersx.

my family use to be rude to me but over the years they have changed and are mostly nice to me now.

that is a nice story .
take care

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Glad you have a supportive family Nick. Sometimes they can make or break a recovery. Reading your post brought a smile to my face, as I imagined the 3 of you laughing over dinner.

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