Weird experience

Yeah I’m having a weird experience right now. I was in bed on the computer, and all of a sudden I had this sensation in my head, like a breeze kinda, and then I started hearing more voices than normal. It felt pretty damn spiritual. A bit later on there were some weird synchronicities going on. I was thinking a word, then mother used that word right after I thought it. Then I heard my brother’s voice in my head, and a moment later he walked through the door.

I don’t ■■■■■■■ know.

Also I don’t really care what is happening, but it’s pissing me off.

Aw don’t get upset over the synchronicitys, just go along with it, it can be kinda fun to see how many things can synchronize in a row.
I once held an entire conversation with my mom about a leather purse that I borrowed from a friend back in jr high.
I knew what she was going to say before she said it, I knew what to say to respond, and what the rest of the conversation was going to be. I laughed about it at the time, and it made my mom mad because she thought I was laughing at her, but I knew that too…

Just make friends with this weird earth and life doesn’t suck as much.


That’s a good attitude to have. I’m more inclined to be angry though. This ■■■■ is ridiculous.

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Things like that are apart of my daily routine somedays.

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It’s weird, but ultimately it doesn’t hurt anything, so I’d say just try to let it go.

Except my mental state.

Sorry, I can see it’s bothered you. Hope that you feel better soon.