Family visited yesterday

My parents came to visit me yesterday, and brought my sister and two of her daughters, my nieces, with. I haven’t seen my sister in over two years, so it was wonderful to see her in person again! I had a fun time catching up with them an made a chocolate cake for the occasion. My mother in law and one little niece in law dropped in, too. It was so nice to be in the company of family and made me forget my sz for a while. my dad said I was looking good, and I said it was because they were here. It really cheered me up! Like the beams from a lighthouse in a foggy existence :blush:


Glad to hear to hear you get along with your family and that both sides are happy to see each other. Family has been invaluable in my recovery. It’s nice to get along with people who have known you for your whole life. I hope you have many more instances like this with your family. Have a nice day.

Very nice @Hadeda - being around close family is priceless

i know how you feel i always feel better after seeing my family especillly my little neice and nephews. theyre just funny aren’t they LOL

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