Something I've wondered about.Please reply if you can

Is it possible to have what I would call,for want of a better phrase, ‘micro zone outs’? A possible alternative would be ‘micro absence seizures’.
It 's a briefer but more frequently occurring version of an absence seizure. I’ve noticed with the human benchmark reaction time test I’ll get what I would consider reasonable results for my age i.e. 250 ms interspersed every now and then with a 500+ ms result.

There’s Coojjman’s Slobrain test.

This is a simple test for Mean Reaction Time (M.R.T.) and Reaction Time Standard Deviation (R.T.S.D., a measure of consistency in reaction speed). Both, R.T.S.D. even more than M.R.T., have a significant (though not high) negative correlation with “g”, or general intelligence.

I can get what I consider to be very good R.T.S.D results for my age , alongside results that I would consider to be ‘outliers’ even when accounting for my age. These tests are measured in milliseconds. The gaps between OK and not so OK mean reaction time with Slobrain aren’t as huge. However the effect is more noticeable.

The attempts taken individually don’t necessarily indicate that the following is true-

Correlation between the two SloBrain statistics

rmean reaction time × reaction time standard deviation = .74 (n = 36)

So, persons with shorter reaction times are significantly more consistent, have their reaction times closer together

However comparing a set of quick vs slow M.R.T does show this to be the case.

An example of what I mean

huh? I think you’re over-thinking it.


Maybe its just a “loading” time… not sure if i understood this correctly. Maybe your autistic masking was triggered on some tests which slowed your reaction speed? Not sure tbh

Or maybe your mind was somewhere else and its just a matter of concentration on the test. Maybe it wasnt stimulating enough or was overestimating and so you receded into your mind for a brief moment before reacting. Was the test stressful for you? When im stressed i tend to have a bit of a “loading” time.

I haven’t done such tests, so I am unable to compare my results to yours.

But in my case, there are moments when I experience what I call a “context loss”. Example: I would be thinking about person X, who said stuff like A and B, but A and B would imply C; then I would analyze C and its implications, and one moment later I’d forget how I started thinking about C; I’d forget all about person X, and A and B.

It’s another example of zoning out, and I see it as a potential dementia warning sign. It doesn’t occur very often, maybe once a day or so.

You seem to worry a lot about cognition, bordering on hypochondria. Why don’t you focus instead on things you like to do, and immerse yourself in those activities? I bet it would help your cognition too, and it would definitely dispell some, if not all your worries in this respect.

It wasn’t stressful. Some things that spring to mind (1) I can find it hard to focus intensely on a computer/laptop screen (2) I have problems with fine motor control. My hands can jerk quite a lot at times.

The 15.09 would place me 2nd on that list, and the 78.47 30th. That’s with a group of people that are on average about 30 years younger than I am.

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Maybe its just inconsistancy in motor control…could be 1000 things. Maybe try to think back to the test. Anyways hope you can solve your mystery. Introspection can tell us alot about ourselves

I don’t think ‘hypochondria’ is the right word to use. It’s more of an 'autistic person + school experience + behaviour of mental health professionals ’ thing . I do have other things I’m interested in such as genealogy(traditional and DNA related) and politics( quite a lot of my tweets are of a political nature).

I like the occasional genealogy related threads here.Politics is a ‘don’t go there’ topic that I do my best to adhere too.

Chill out and live your life. You seem overly pre-occupied with IQ tests, cognition and all the rest of it. Its almost as if you want to vent your “superiority” over the rest of us.

You got issues mate.

If you had ever bothered to read my posts properly you’d know that to be very far from the truth. I have no desire to vent my ‘superiority’ over anyone here. Indeed I’ve been very open about the many things I consider myself to be inferior to most here at.

While I agree with the first sentence, I strongly disagree with the latter. I simply think firemonkey is very insecure with respect to his own abilities, and is looking for external validation and positive feedback.

If like me you’d gone through bullying at school due to being an undiagnosed person with ASD/ not getting the help and support you needed to make the most of any potential you had/ the failure by both school and the mental health systems to see that whilst most people are uniformly good,average,or bad at things that doesn’t apply to some of us/the expectation that if good at x you should also be good at y and the hostility and negativity of failing to do so/ intense feelings of useless and worthlessness that never totally go away/poor self esteem and self worth/ the belief that you’ve only done well at something because most others could do well at it/that at any moment you’ll be exposed as a fake/imposter

Then you might understand where I’m coming from… Is that the product of a healthy, self confident and secure mind? Of course not. Mental illness isn’t a facile ,60 second tik tok clip. It’s cruel and it’s mean. It has you on the canvas time and time again struggling to beat the count of ten. If you’re on a mental health forum and you can’t grasp the anxiety/fear/confusion,insecurity/mental anguish/deep despair/frustration/ that can all be part of having a mental illness ,especially severe mental illness then quite frankly WTF are you(plural-not you Andrey) doing here?!

Probably just aging. I’m not as peppy or as fast on the trigger as I used to be and fatigue can really make it worse.

I thought of it and i am slow,
also i could see the difference,
when i burn my toe it takes time to feel the burn,
where as my fingers i feel immediate.
So there is always a delay.
If i train on a repetitive task i would pick up speed eventually. IMO as sz may be even slower.

MRT would be 15/37 and 22/37. Totally agree that speed of reaction slows down with age. There’s a lot of scientific literature that backs that up. 15/37 and 22/37 however isn’t top notch , but it’s also far from shabby for someone about 30 years older than the average aged person who did it.( members of a high IQ FB forum) .

I used the Slobrain test and human benchmark as examples of what I mean re 'zoning out. That was my primary concern/query.

It’s rather hurtful and depressing that some couldn’t get it, and see me as having a ‘superiority complex.’. Especially as I’ve mentioned the struggles I’ve had and the help I get to maintain a basic but acceptable level of independent living.

I sometimes feel I’m on a hiding to nothing here. That I’m seen as ‘defeatist and whiny’ over the things I struggle with and ‘arrogant and uppity’ for doing OK at a few things. That it’s a highly toxic ‘lose lose’ situation

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I don’t know what to say. I try to not fixate on the things I can’t do and excel at the things I can still do. On the other path lies madness. Or misery at the very least.

(My hands tremble more now. I’m still taking pictures, but I have to use a monopod to steady the camera.)

With you on the fatigue thing.

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I took the test, here are my results, It says age effects results. I’m 44 years old.
sloBRAIN - Reaction time

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I think I’d I’d feel better if like you I was actually good (or even average) at some practical things. I believe myself to be an OK (S)/dad,granddad and gt granddad. I believe I’m reasonably good at money management. The other thing- being good at IQ tests,and mentioning a good result, is seen as generally , but not universally, worse than letting the World know you’re beautiful or handsome.

That’s a perfectly respectable result. You did well.

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I have no idea what’s going on, I’m too dumb. But I sometimes snap to with people saying they’ve been trying to get my attention for awhile and it seems I’ve been just staring off. If you get to that point let me know and I might think you have a problem.

Shaking? I was diagnosed with a familial tremor when I was in my thirties by a neurologist. He sad it gets worse as you age. It’s what Katherine Hepburn had. I shake a little, it seems like it mostly happens when I really want it not to like when I take a picture.