Easy and quick cognition test

Many of us,including myself at times, worry about our cognition. This will give you a quick indication of how you’re doing.

This is a simple test for Mean Reaction Time (M.R.T.) and Reaction Time Standard Deviation (R.T.S.D., a measure of consistency in reaction speed). Both, R.T.S.D. even more than M.R.T., have a significant (though not high) negative correlation with “g”, or general intelligence.


This is my results. I dont know if this is good or bad.

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I got like a 72 on the first one, and 645 on the second one. I think I’m slow! :slightly_frowning_face:

Mean reaction time quite slow but the RTSD would place you as 14 out of 37. Statistics of SloBrain That’s good.

I’m sure you can do better.

My score for today
Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 10-00-27 sloBRAIN - Reaction time

The best I’ve managed to get

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Is that a bad result?

RTSD 30/37 Mean reaction time 22/37 . It’s on a website that has high range IQ tests that one can take. You did OK.

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That’s MRT 32/37 RTSD 21/37

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Interesting! Thank you for linking.

RTSD: 19.43
MRT: 384

RTSD 3/37 MRT 26/37 Very good.

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And, it must be pointed out that reaction time normally increases with age in adults, possibly through the loss of myelination and resulting decrease of nerve conduction velocity. Other than a non-significant negative correlation with birth year, there is not by far enough information in these statistics to study or reveal any development with age.

Correlation between the two SloBrain statistics

r mean reaction time × reaction time standard deviation = .74 (n = 36)

So, persons with shorter reaction times are significantly more consistent, have their reaction times closer together. Statistics of SloBrain

It is known that IQ correlates with variability in RT: people scoring higher in IQ tests show less variability. Even in university students, a significant negative correlation is found between RTSD and IQ, and this correlation tends to be larger than the correlation between IQ and RT. Further, RTSD is correlated to IQ independently of RT (Larson & Alderton, 1990; Kranzler, 1992).
Neuroticism, intelligence, and intra-individual variability in elementary cognitive tasks: Testing the mental noise hypothesis. - Free Online Library

Is that bad?

Sorry I tried to look at the link above and there was just lists of numbers

I don’t think so. RTSD Median: 42.2
so you’re just below that. However the average IQ of those 36 is very probably at ‘very superior’ level. Quite a few came from FB high IQ groups.

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I don’t understand what the test results say for me, the first one I had a 92.5 and the second one I had a 374.6.

MRT 23/37 RTSD 32/37 Not brilliant, but the worst MRT is 990.7 and the worst RTSD is 1302.03. You’re way better than that.

Well I sucked

I’m left handed. It took me ages to get my left hand across ready to press the enter key when the yellow box appeared . Even now I have times when I can’t manage it. Being slow to click when that first yellow box appears can significantly increase the MRT and RTSD.

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