Someone keeps hacking my Facebook

So, my Facebook has been hacked 4 times, now it happened again. Someone is obssesed with me? Its weird because this person writes two words to people I never talk, and he deletes my posts. Wtf man…

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Change your passwords regularly. Positives can make you think some pretty extreme stuff so don’t jump to conclusions…but giving up passwords to scammers can be problematic.

Do you take meds? Do you see a doctor? If your on meds take them as prescribed!


Use a random string as password:

Make sure you also change your email password.

Maybe try 2 factor identification.


Try using antivirus and anti maleware
There may be avirus in your system

Also log out of all devices that is logged into your account then change your password. There is a setting whereby you can log out of all devices that is logged into your account… Cellphones and pc’s etc.

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I found someone hacking , their ip was on my router, I blocked and kept blocking it as they kept coming back using a VPN, I finally had to change routers to get a new ip and that got rid of them

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