A scary hallucination

I was sleeping on the couch in the tv room last night, as I was waking up I saw two intruders sneaking into the kitchen.
I saw them through the reflection in the tv room window.

I jolted up out off the couch and yelled for my dad, as I yelled I could see one of the intruders quickly scrambling to exit the kitchen.

I ran throughout the house looking for them but found nothing!

I scared the ■■■■ out of my dad.

This was a scary experience!

Haven’t been this scared in a while.

Not too out of the ordinary as it was a hypnopompic hallucination.

But ver scary.

It was very vivid and detailed.

I could see that one of the intruders was wearing a striped shirt.


Sounds scary. Glad you are okay. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

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Yes but it was an hallucination.
Thanks @GrayBear

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Take some comfort knowing it was only a hallucination. Make sure your doors and windows are locked or barricaded. You’re fine my friend


Thanks @TheCanuk

Man that sounds horrible. Glad it has passed now


Thanks @anon94176359 15

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ah thats no fun.
i remember having something like that i saw some strange shadowy dudes when i was waking.
i think hypnopompic hallucination is related to sleep stages

Yeah these weren’t shadowy or obscure figures but instead clear and detailed life like images.
Very real looking.

Sorry you experienced that

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That’s scary. I have had some scary ones too but you would laugh at my last one.

I bought a bunch of Girl Scout cookies a few weeks ago but I couldn’t get the girls to take my money but they gave me the cookies. Later I went to look for them and I couldn’t find them.

Either somebody stole my cookies or I hallucinated the whole thing. For some reason I seem to hallucinate children all the time. When I see kids in my house I didn’t invite in I go take my meds and go to bed.


ah thats pretty scary, glad its over!

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Sorry that happened to you!

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That does sound spooky @TomCat!

Thanks @anon31257746 @Ooorgle @TomCat


Thanks @ZombieMombie

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Was coming home from Tahoe with my fiancée, on the side of the road I was seeing dead bodies mangled, freaked me out, almost called 911 before my fiancée stopped me

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Man that sounds creepy @Ooorgle!

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Oh oh, I had an apartment that had a ghost, young kid, maybe 8, dark hair, skinny with a distended stomach, with a wound dripping maggots. That one sucked, saw him a few times

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Yikes, your hallucinations sound real scary @Ooorgle.
Are you still having them?

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