Someone in my body

Trying to rest and I feel like someone is in my body. These people won’t leave me alone.


No one is in your body. Are you on meds?

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Before I was on meds, I thought people were in my body too. Are you on medication? If so, are you taking it properly? I had to take Geodon properly for a month (taking it and with food) before the rest of my delusions would leave.

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I feel as if I have the same problems. I’m on meds too but it feels like I have people living inside of me controlling my body and all.


Nope, nobody is in your body. You still haven’t told us if you are on any med’s?

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I have people that won’t leave me alone. I don’t know why anyone would treat me like that. They are probably easily influenced by what they hear, maybe like hurting someone or not liking someone. Why I am about this I don’t know why. I keep telling them to leave me alone. Some I guess they don’t understand or relate. I’d rather not talk to them. They make comments that are crude or mean and I never did anything to them.

Like I am wondering why the president would not like me or why a certain actress. I guess they want to make negative comments.

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