Someone in my body


Feel like someone is in my body and how do I make them leave. Should I call the help of a spiritual person. I feel hurt psychicly and physically. How can I protect myself? The girl who is doing this to me keeps attacking me, touching me, hurting me. I am tired of it.


Tell this to your psychiatrist and your therapist.
It’s not real but you need help with it.

Hope it gets better.


Are you on any meds? @TomCat is right, you should talk to your pdoc about it. The right meds should take care of it.


Yes I highly doubt you need an exorcism. Most likely a med change.


I feel constantly the multiple entities that like to use my body and manipulate it against my will. It will be at random times and this scares me. It feels like they pull the ether that is attached to my body and causes my certain parts of my body to be tugged/manipulated. It scares me and is irritating since I am not in control. I can also feel when they are digging into my thoughts and cause me to have certain thoughts or images. This usually does not feel helpful in anyway, more so embarrassing.


I agree you definitely need to talk to your doctor about it as a med change may solve the problem. At the same time…feeling like your body is physically being taken over is not a typical symptom of SZ, and I would not rule out the possibility of your first assumption. I’m not saying that is the problem by any means, but do believe it is something that is possible. Seek medical treatment first. Do you ever have blackouts where you don’t remember a block of time?


No I have never had blackouts, I have gone to bed underneath the covers while falling asleep on my side and woke up completely flat on my back with arms on both sides on top of the sheets and comforter. I never do this! My skin was so cold that I had to have been laying from under the cover for many hours. I have no recall of how this could have happen. I never woke up from the last position I was in and was too cold to want to get out from under the covers. This scared me greatly!


I have two “others” living in me. One is a young girl who loves to spend money and the second calls himself earth god. He writes poetry about his power over the world. Both have been quieted by clozapine. Hopefully as the clozapine dose goes up they shut up completely.


I have 3 voices living with me. And the voice of Alogistos (Thoughtless) who controls my body, my mouth, my grimaces, my hand gestures etc


Just curious Om how are your symptoms off meds?


Omg, I don’t know. I am too scared to go off meds. When we lower doses, symptoms appear. And even on meds I have so many symptoms, without them I would be crazy. How are you off meds?


Yea stay on them then.

Im doing good, im learning proper coping strategies with my therapist. I have symptoms but im handling them.At the same time i feel like im alive again!


Yes I know. But you may lose insight dude


Yea its a fine line,

Im learning coping mechanisms that help me gain insight when these things happen.

I dont want to sound like an anti med villian as i know meds have helped people on this forum, but for me, they did more harm than good, and i needed more from life !

Some people find that on meds though so good for them, for me, i am a vegetable and honestly i feel ive been more psychotic on meds. The side effects are a complete nightmare worse than the voices, delusions and hallucinations combined.

So i made a drastic decision man. I dont recommend anyone doing it though without Doctors approval, there is a possibility i might fuuck out still. So i need to give it some time still and see what happens.