Someone is in my body

I feel someone is in my body. I need to get them out because it’s ruining my life. Having people harass me and worse.

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No one is inside your body, that’s impossible.


I don’t think there’s anyone in your body. I always think people are following me to see where I go when I’m away. What meds are you taking? Are you going to be alright?

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It is only a feeling, it doesn’t mean that there is really someone in your body.


I know no one will understand but if I could get these people exorcised I would. Some of them purposely try to abuse me.

There’s two spirits in my body besides me. I know the feeling!

There’s probably no one there and it’s just the positive symptoms. I used to think I was possessed and tried to get delivered at different churches. The only thing that delivered me was medication. Tell your psychiatrist you’re still having these symptoms. Maybe he needs to reconsider your meds if you’re on any.

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Exorcism is disturbing. I went through it. It’s long and drawn out. It takes hours a day over several days. That’s just my experience. And I come to find out it doesn’t work.


I found relaxing and finding the feelings(buzzing or entity) that shouldn’t be there and pushing them out helps.

I agree. My mom took me when I was 15 to a pastor friend of hers who tried to deliver me from evil spirits but instead traumatised me and after that I became delusional and got worse anxiety than before


I have felt others in my body too.

I used to slap my face to get them to leave.

I was thinking about exorcism too.

Years later it’s better and I only have mainly nice ones in my body and not often.

Hope you will get better too.

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15? That must’ve scared the crap out of you.

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I thought I had demons in my body. So I vomited them out. I actually thought I saw it come out.

Anyways hallucination/delusion yup.

Similar to “there’s someone in my body”

Same thing happened to me. It didn’t scare me but it was disturbing. Not to mention these “exorcists” spent hours and days commanding different “demons” to come out.

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? Im confuse how can someone be in your body. I dont want to offend you this might be delusion your having. No ones in your body. Whats in your body is organs, blood, cells and bones.

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