Some times it feels like I have synthetic conscious?

There are some really gross people in history. I could see how giving someone a conscious would make sense. What if someone could control the thoughts that went over and over in your head?

Ever feel like the voices or thoughts are AI? I read your other post. My “voices” or thoughts dont give me answers to test questions or anything but i felt like i was communicating with extraterrestials or God. In the show Westworld, the theory of bicameral mind was mentioned. That primitive man believed their thoughts were from God. I guess just mad men think that now.

I believe we all have consciousness. Dr. Ford was wrong. Consciousness does exist.

In a past life, I was under mind control. I’m fine now.

Best thing we can do is take our meds, stay away from conspiracies, and watch our health.

I hope you get better.


I just wish I knew the truth. And if it’s coming from somewhere I want to know why and what the rules are.

I believe our thoughts/behavior come from past lives and our minds can access parallel worlds. We live in a simulation. But science says our thoughts originate in the brain.


I’ve heard that before. It’s big in silicon valley I guess.

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