Some thoughts about marijuana

If someone can handle smoking it, it is fine with me. Just don’t do it around me. What strikes me as funny about pot and alcohol is the biggest argument that legalized pot proponents always use. And that is: “Alcohol is more dangerous or causes more problems or is worse for you then smoking pot”. Aren’t we overlooking a valid point here? They are insinuating that alcohol is bad and weed is harmless. That’s misleading. Marijuana causes all kinds of problems. Just like alcohol. Just like nicotine. Just like caffeine etc. Pot is NOT harmless. Sure in little amounts it may be fine for some people But people being people-- when it’s legalized people are going to abuse it. Pure and simple. Just like alcohol, just like nicotine, and just like caffeine. It’s just human nature. I abused it. My grades went to hell in my last two years of high school. I smoked it and went to work. I smoked it AT work. I smoked it and drove all over. I am not unique in this regard. Legalized marihuana is not just some 25 year old yuppie sitting at home after a nice meal with friends and breaking out the wine and a few joints. Legalized marijuana is 18 year olds or 19 year olds buying ounces and smoking an ounce in three days. It’s middle aged, wannabe hippies smoking it every day. It’s the subculture being high all the time. Using, “It’s less harmful than alcohol” is not a valid argument, it’s misleading in it’s insinuations.


I’m really starting to hate weed. I’m around it every day. All my friends still smoke. They do all seem to function pretty well and live life, but they are high all the time.

Oh well power to them.

Pot does effect people differently.
It has been linked to increase chances of schizophrenia.
Most people have anxiety issues on it. They just live with it.

Glad it’s not a part of my life anymore, my friends know it’s not good for me.

I agree @77nick77 I can vouch for it being harmful. Weed wrecked my only marriage and it went on from there to keep me penniless and ruined. I am only a week clean but I hope I don’t fall down.

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Hang in there juke. Live your life anew. Who wants the guilt of vices your trying to get over.

I’m about to try and quit smoking and drinking coffee. I think I’m about ready.

You gotta stay vice free. I need the inspiration.

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I think when people make that argument they’re saying “look how bad the effects of alcohol are and its legal.” I think it would benefit a lot of people if it were legalized. Actually I think all drugs should be decriminalized, not legal, just decriminalized. It would relieve the strangle hold all of the cartels have on this country. It would also save a lot of people from going to prison solely for drug use when they should be in rehab. But back to pot. There is the issue of having a criminal record if you are arrested for possession, which if that happens while you are taking out student loans is a nightmare. Also it’s actually a lot easier for teens to get weed than alcohol. And people are individuals. If something is not right for you don’t do it, but don’t deprive people who enjoy it just because you have a problem with it. I have a few family members who enjoy it, but don’t abuse it. Why should they be criminalized for a law that has nothing to do with the drug itself (pot was made illegal for political and financial reasons). People are going to have access to it whether or not it’s legal. Why shouldn’t the government profit from its legality rather than going into debt criminalizing it? Sorry Nick I don’t see your argument. :sun_with_face:


Those are some good points.

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Thanks :smile: If you do the research the facts speak for themselves. Watch Reefer Madness. It was used as propaganda to criminalize pot, but is actually pretty funny. It’s on Netflix. :sun_with_face:

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Yeah I laughed my as off watching that ■■■■. It should be legal, no one should get in trouble for it. Trafficking should always be illegal though. Just like with alcohol.

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This is my argument. Does having a thing like alcohol be legal make marijuana less harmful? That’s my point. I’m saying two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because alcohol is harmful, does that warrant making another harmful drug legal? I used the yuppie example. I see no harm in that scenario. And I am not a 100% sure it shouldn’t be legalized. I’m just saying it will cause trouble in some quarters. You really don’t see my argument? But sure, prohibition didn’t work. You’re right, if people want to screw themselves up by taking drugs, they’re going to do it, no matter what the government says. My main point was that two wrongs don’t make a right. By saying, “Well, alcohol causes harm. So lets allow another drug that causes harm too”. But my Dad told me thirty years ago that studies show that when a drug is made legal, initially there will be a “boom” with people rushing out to get it. But statistics show that eventually there is actually going to be the same parentage of people who abuse it, whether it’s legal or illegal. I concur to your post, but I’ve heard all those arguments before.

In Taiwan, possession of pot is life in prison. That’s one way to eliminate it. Then there was the summary execution of anyone found using opium in China in the early 20th century.

That’s pretty extreme. In my town it’s just a ticket unless it’s the sheriff that gets you. Up to an ounce. Which to me is a lot.

I’ve seen very high functioning people who smoked pot. I’ve also come across people who smoked cigarettes who were very healthy. I’ve seen pot badly damage people’s lives. Personally, pot always just made me goofy and stupid. I cringe when I think about some of the ways I behaved on it.

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I very much agree with not filling out jails with kids who were caught with less then an ounce. Not ruining kids lives… making them unable to be employed due to being caught with a joint.

When my gran was suffering from the nauseous side effect of chemo… a joint did give her an appetite to keep up the strength. I don’t doubt that in a few ways… it can be beneficial.

I just wish there was a mid point between decriminalization and outright glorification. Maybe when it is legal everywhere then more people will see it’s not the wonderful lifestyle it’s all cracked up to be.

I don’t know… we have a long way to go before this one levels out.

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It seems like your always thinking about marijuana on here :smile:

basically the argument that pot is ok for you is this its just a plant its herbal well so is heroin! its not the same as it used to be it genetically engineered super skunk that people are selling to our teenage children whilst their brains are still developing its not ok I have seen many casualties.

I agree. If pot is legalised it should only be available to those 25 and above. There should be a maximum thc lmit as well.


Hi im new here…nice place.I haven’t been diagno2 with schizophrenia but itruns deep in my gene pool I hear voices and have delusions to the point that I can’t have a job or any social life so I suspect I have schizophrenia. Well on this subject I think it’s abuse that makes mj negative just like anything else.People that abuse food , tobacco, alcohol prolly anything suffer the same set backs as those that abuse weed as over saturation of ones mental chemical balance by ANYTHING throws it off balance.People that overeat get depressed not just because of what it does to their body and self esteem but the chemical flood of the brain also.Mj should be for adults only because by virtue of them being kids they have no self control.Its well documented that it could trigger schizophrenia in some but for me the only time I don’t hear voices or have rage because of the mental invasion of said voices is when I smoke once a day.For me it’s like taking synthetic meds that arw natural. I DONT ADVOCATE ANYONE USING im just saying im a isolated case that has positive effects, like those children with leukemia.

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